Thursday, July 30, 2009

You bet your ass black is slimming!

I did a 19:16 at the Dog last night which was 4 seconds slower than 2 weeks ago. I'll take it on a night that I couldn't get my curve ball over and couldn't do shit with my hair. I paid my union dues and was welcomed warmly to Silver Cycling. It was time to officially join a team.


Average Old Guy said...

But does black make you fast too??

holy smokes, 19 minutes seems fast for a lunatic. I have an entry level road bike and timed myself for 7 miles and it was ALOT slower than 19 minutes. Either I am not in the shape I think I am or my bike sucks. Gotta be the bike, couldn't possibly be me???

Skibby said...

joined silver cycling? you are now officially a fucking roadie! :)

Anonymous said...

Fine. Then you are officially kicked out of Team U/A.