Friday, January 6, 2012


I was going to post a photo every day for a year but we see how far that went. Some of you have sent in photos in the past which is always good. I still need to find that classic shot of Bald n Surly's lunch. It's in my email inbox along with 500 other items.

Hip, hip, hooray! I guess those IRS and Minnesota refund checks don't expire as fast as I thought.

Ebay is sure turning into a bummer for jersey collectors. Most of the shit on there is fake. I'm on a jersey message board that likes to post the worst of the fakes. But still I search.

I'm not sure cyclists are ever going to be accepted by the general population. It won't happen until it's no longer fashionable to bash cyclists in everyday conversation.

Send those photos with your douchephones and other devices to You may become a star and win some crap.

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