Friday, June 8, 2012


Going to Kohl's this afternoon to get a second summer shirt for events that a 200 dollar sports jersey aren't appropriate for.

Some prick hacked my email and sent everybody a sob story about the Queen mugging me and leaving me for dead. They also wiped out my inbox and contacts list. Email me at if we communicate by that method occasionally or just fucking email me to say hello and tell me what a horse's ass I am.

It's cute to say you're never going to retire or you'll work till you're 70 but actually doing it is another matter. As my old buddy Red pointed out, we'll have old fuckers dying every day at work so we better keep a meat wagon handy.

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Red said...

Fucking pirates. I had no idea they could wipe out your contacts and all that shit. Well, you know where you can find me, at least until I'm 70 or so.