Thursday, July 5, 2012

I was in Chicago for a couple of days prior to the 4th. Hadn't been home for four years. Yikes. It was hot. It's hot everywhere. I'm not gonna bitch. I reserve the right to bitch in January and February.

Had a great time visiting family and as you can see even rode a bike. The photo was taken at the corner of Clark and Addison which is also where Wrigley Field is. I rode with my nephews Brian and Paul on the Late Ride along with 9000 other people. It takes a route through the city and along the lake. This photo was taken on the pre-ride on the way to the rally point by Buckingham Fountain.

My family took really good care of me. I told my nephews I'll remember a humid night riding a bike in Chicago when I'm out shoveling snow next winter. Mrs calls this one of my happy kid on his bike photos. For sure. Sure sure.


andrew rosenberg said...

wiener's circle or hot dougs? or any of the other hot dog stands placed 5 blocks apart in most parts of chicago, one out on milwaukee and nagle ave the hot dog drive-in place.

andrew rosenberg said...

Red said...

Great to see you yesterday at Freewheel and I know Mario was happy to see you, too!