Monday, September 17, 2012

Parents of Occupy Wall Street kids agree to unlock their trust funds

I cleaned the fucking chains on 3 of our bikes so get off my ass.

No, we're not imperfect beings living in an IMPERFECT world. The world is PERFECT and we're going to do our best to fuck up our planet.

A meager attempt is underway to ride 5000 miles this year. I'm currently at about 3400. It's all weather dependent, Jimmy.

Some guy who had to stop for the light at 42nd and 28th remarked that I was the blogger guy and why did I stop posting. My laziness knows no bounds although I did clean the chains, take out the garbage and clean the shit bowl. Let's not start suckin' each others dicks just yet.

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Red said...

Big "return to action" post. Nicely done. Do that guy a favor and post a little more often. Or give him your Twatter handle, for Chrissakes.