Saturday, November 8, 2008

Velo Cross - Eddie Bauer beats the piss out of Pearl Izumi

Later on in this post I'll talk about stealing a photo from Frank which I did. I belong to Skinnyski just so I can steal photos. This is Brian who is Michael's brother. I added this on Monday. You see, from a blogging standpoint I'm a star because I don't care. I'd let you comment but let's face're not all that witty and you couldn't find FUNNY with a Garmin.
Mrs and I made the arduous journey to suburbia for Velo Cross which was run quite expertly by Super Rookie. Oh wait, he may have had a little help. Master Cullen was shaking like a little leaf after his race as were most roadies in their little windbreakers.
Michael Gaines did a good job as usual. I'll have to steal a picture of his brother Brian from Frank or somebody.
There was better teeth gritting shot of Kristy but I spaced out because they were talking about Sarah Palin on the news. Why is the news media still covering a 40 something hockey mom who didn't know shit about anything. At least Sarah Palin proved once and for all what part of their body men think with.
The Poofter told me to stop picking on T3. Well, here's the deal. T3 had to take a shot about a recumbent even though I'll be pushing myself in a wheelchair before I'm seen on a recumbent. That pretty much opened up T3 to my wrath.
T3 chose the old Cat 6 kit instead of the newer long johns model. I wore Carhartt carpenter pants, blue oxford shirt and my Eddie Bauer parka which made most roadies in their little wicking technical jackets very jealous.