Friday, April 24, 2009


F-ing ninjas are everywhere.

You made it to Friday. Now, cut the bullshit with your co-workers and be happy. Your job isn't hard. Interaction with people makes it hard. You know, your mom could've had her usual headache that fateful night and dad would have just gone to sleep. Ma could have worn her good nightgown the next night and there would have been a kid but it wouldn't have been you. Follow me skippy?

Ride your bike. Throw down on Twitter and eat something delicious and everything will be ok.


The Donut Guy said...

I'm down with what you are saying....I was born 9 months and 2 days after my parents got married.

Evidently-they got right down to bidness.

As far as work goes...most nights I work by myself so if I'm in a bad mood-I don't have anyone to blame it on but me.

Meow said...


That was SO fun that day Ray!!! We'll do it again! Yee-yippity-haw!