Wednesday, April 22, 2009

You gotta be able to ride through that

On the way back from lunch yesterday (Uncle Frankies Northeast) I came across this on Hennepin Ave. It would appear as if some doorknob (besides me) rode into the concrete and then had to get off his/her bike to extricate themselves. I'll call Grissom to see if he can stop by.

When you're retired you have no definition to the week except for tv shows and social engagements. It's Wednesday, huh? Don't mean nuthin to me except that Criminal Minds is on tonight and there are always some day baseball games on.

Two weeks till Black Dog starts? Not in any kind of shape for 7 miles with the pedal to the floor the whole time. I've only ridden my tt bike one time. I should really go see Jay and refit the damn thing. That's enough of this.

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