Thursday, June 4, 2009

Black Dog

Catching up with the Gaines family after our races. That cop checked and there were no outstanding warrants out for me.
No, it's not Snowy. Snowy would be this dog's mini-me.
Benita is my buddy and that little bike is cute.

Oh hi Tuffy. I did a 20:06 and felt pretty happy because I didn't go into coronary arrest and I didn't blow out a seam on my girdle. Great times at The Dog as always.


StevenCX said...

20:06 on that setup is amazing! Debbie ride the Scott?

Meow said...

Very Nice Ray!! I need to get down there one of these days and cheer you on!!
And give you a cookie ;)

All The Way Ray said...

I had the front wheel off the Scott on it because I ripped the valve stem out of the other wheel putting air in the tire.

Anonymous said...

My apologies, Ray. God, I am so sorry. I know you wanted the "top score" in the division and I went and stole it by several seconds. Next time, wait for me on the course and we can have a heater and I'll let YOU get the "last on the list" award. Great to see you at my first BDTT. Hope there are more ahead of both of us. Love your banjobros add in Urban Velo. Stay famous. Willi Nelson 20:55.