Monday, January 4, 2010

Baby Diego was a wanker

Sgt Bolstad sent me this photo. I told him he didn't have enough flair on his uniform. I guess I'm mildly concerned that they gave him a gun. Little fucker still owes me like 600 bucks.

Riding my Crosscheck on the trainer in the basement. My knee hurts now.

Small loaf of bread from Twin City Grill makes an excellent bun when cut in half. My baloney has a first name.

Mrs will remove the Christmas tree the next time I leave the house for a period longer than 20 minutes.

When Kiah was at her weakest her mommy kept her strength up by feeding her maple syrup with a syringe. The vet thinks some type of toxin got in her system and zapped all of her energy.

Anybody seen the tires I took off my Salsa to when I put the cross tires on? Hiawatha? Freewheel?

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rigtenzin said...

I've got your tires right here!