Friday, January 29, 2010


I received this e-mail from our placement person at RAGOM. I know, I'm too sensitive. But, we're not at the fucking airport dealing with the TSA.

Hi Ray,

I don't know if anyone explained to you about puppy mill dogs when you adopted before? Mya is a dog from a puppy mill and those dogs have specific criteria in an adoptive home that we don't deviate from. Puppy mill dogs must have a large sized resident dog already in the home, to help teach them that they are safe--puppy mill dogs don't learn from humans, they take their cues from other dogs. They need no children under the age of 12, kids move too fast and make too much noise and often puppy mill dogs are terrified of them. They also need a physical fence, for their safety. These dogs often exhibit the flight response to the extreme when startled and if they get loose you will not get them back--because they are frightened of humans they will not come to you and are very difficult to catch. Because you don't have a physical fence, you are not qualified to adopt a dog with a puppy mill background, I'm sorry. We have tried to deviate from these requirements on occasion, when a particular dog seems to be doing well in foster care, and it doesn't work. The dogs regress and never become comfortable in the home and end up coming back in. I hope the explanation makes sense, it is sometimes difficult to explain without typing a book.
There are quite a few puppy mill dogs on the website, off the top of my head there is Mya, Jenni, Abby, Toby 07-009, Lady, Annie, Sunshine, there might be a few I'm missing.
I don't believe you have responded about being on the waiting list, as outlined in my original email? You seem to be asking about younger females, and many of those dogs are waiting list dogs. Can you please let me know if you want to be added or not?


RAGOM Placement


Snakebite said...

I have first-hand knowledge that what the dude said about puppy-mill dogs is true.

I'm coming up the first weekend in February. You want me to bring you a "variety pack" of dogs from the humane society and second chance rescue? Note, for the variety pack of dogs, it's a one-way trip.

rigtenzin said...

I think it's a very nice letter and explains their position very well. They sound like they have lots of experience and it's hard to argue with that.

All The Way Ray said...

Rob, I really couldn't give a fuck what you think.

Anonymous said...

They have their rules, but I just think a fence is no magic, sure-fire anti-bolting device (what about front doors, or open gates?) Reasonable care is the requirement I'd ask for, or never being off a leash outside. Anyway, there are other adoption places not so restrictive, and plenty of puppy mill dogs, sadly enough. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Kim was my placement advisor too...I got so sick of showing interest in a dog and being shot down (in every possible way with every excuse in the book, fence, needed another resident dog, yard, not wanting to kennel the dog, etc.) that I just gave up. Luckily I found a great Golden from a family going through a divorce. I just do not think that RAGOM has the dog's best interest in mind all of the time and they are turning away great families who are ready to give a dog a great home.