Saturday, July 17, 2010

Fridays - Saturday Morning Edition

I have a young friend who wants to borrow a bike for a triathlon tomorrow. The Black Crosscheck has 2 gears and an air horn. Perfect.

Mrs and I saw Inception yesterday (no popcorn tricks) and we loved it. As the critics say, it is visually stimulating.

The Tour De France sprinter disqualified for head butting should have been left in the race. However, he should have been forced to ride the Clown Bike for the entire next day's stage.

You people who live in Northeast should patronize the hole-in-the-wall flower shop on 28th or 29th and Central. The guy who own the place looks like he sleeps under a bridge but the prices are cheap.

Steve Jobs said yesterday that the Douchephone 4 was never meant to make phone calls and that you should refrain from human contact whenever possible.