Wednesday, July 28, 2010

It's rainin' men

You bet your fat ass that I am loved. Let me be blunt. That Brooks saddle and Honjo fenders go with the bike.

All through attempting to entertain you bitches. The first thing about Fight Club is...
Nephew from Chicago is in town on business. Re-set the egg roll record at Cleveland Wok. Short trip to Grand Performance where they are only semi-douchey. When I can go up the hill on 42nd with only one hand on the bars in a casual manner I know I am in summer chunky condition like Prince Fielder.

Take a breath cuz we're not done. Car is at Flannery's getting some work done which is good because when we need it we need it. Can there be a better name for a gay bar than Jackhammer? That was rhetorical. Obviously, if you work at the hospital and wear a smock then you should dress in as whorish a manner when coming/going to work.

My Cubs Zambrano jersey usually draws some commentary. The best way to deal with a Minnesotan who thinks they are being witty is to tell them to Fuck Off.