Monday, November 21, 2011

I guess a writer writes even if it isn't always profound information. Of course, I would never identify myself as a writer to most people because the judgmental motherfuckers are just dying for the chance to rip you. Not that I really give a shit.

The house is quiet without the Snowy Bear. Sassy has embraced the Queen Bee status even if she doesn't have an understudy. She may have to calm down quite a bit before we even think about introducing another dog into her home.

We had one three inch snow and I already hate. I definitely live in the wrong place. I love snow when it's fall but then want it to melt within 48 hours. If we didn't have snow then the Pugsley idjits wouldn't have much of a reason to ride their giant tired bikes. I applaud their knees because my knees hurt at the mere thought of trying to turn those tractor tires. It's a status symbol to have one. I get it.


Anonymous said...

A (Jae)bird told me you have a blog so I had to check it out and say hello and tell you how much i miss your irreverent sense of humor. We are sorely lacking it here since you've been gone.

Good to see you out and about and still biking. Didn't fix that knee yet??

Take care of yourself. And you ARE a writer no matter what they say! Love it!

your old cubicle matey across the room.....Beth

Vito said...

Ray...It really isn't a status symbol. At least, I don't view it that way. They are just a hell of a lot of fun to ride. Of course, this all depends on ones perspective of "what is fun" related to cycling.

Maybe it's a sign of a serious mental deficiency. I believe that's what it is, because I've never been normal and don't want to be.

All The Way Ray said...

Yeah, but you live out in the wilderness right next door to Paul Bunyun's old place. I'm not against status symbols. Hell, we've got an 18 year old Camry and there's a shitload of status that comes with that.

I miss my old co-worker and I don't miss much about the City.