Thursday, December 22, 2011

I just got back from the late morning dog walk and I must say it's a little chilly out there. However, this is a better time of the year to walk a dog who hates the sight of every other dog.

I wasn't the one doing Amy Koch just so you know.

Will all 4 people who didn't buy their Pugsley/Mukluk with a 40 percent bike shop discount please go ride their bike. You people who live in some God-forsaken outpost like Saint Cloud are also excused. C'mon, you know I love you kids in St Cloud and the Soo Foo (Sioux Falls, SD).

I have fended off every effort to get me to leave my house on Christmas Day. I shall walk a dog when necessary and dine elegantly on aerosol cheese and crackers. Four boxes for seven bucks at the grocery store. Natch.


Red said...

Mmmm, aerosol cheese. That's a luxury I haven't had in awhile. Happy Holidays!

Ben said...

I feel all warm inside!

Snakebite said...

Wait, there's a 40 percent shop discount?