Monday, March 12, 2012

I wouldn't exactly say it's rainin' men

First things first. Please buy the Sun Times a couple of times this week including the Saturday paper. Don't worry about getting the Sunday paper. Thanks PW, you're a mensch.

I just rode the Kogswell for the first time in like 6 month yesterday and boy was it fun. Seems like being semi hunched over wasn't as hard as last summer. It could come from all the new flexibility gained from shooting the rock at the Y.

Even though it's illegal and the FBI is closing in you may fill out a five dollar NCAA basketball tournament board at the office. Being the insubordinate bastard that I am...we may not have many middle management types reading this bullshit. If we do and that's a stretch then you middle managers need to lighten the fuck up and look the other way concerning this form of addictive gambling. It's a better morale builder than team building but not as good as happy hour where the only thing you people can talk about is work.

So bracketologists, here's a small bit of information. Use it wisely my son.

One thing I can count on concerning my board is that Wisconsin is going to fuck me. If I pick against them they go to the regional final. If I pick them to go a ways they lose to some dental school in the 2nd round. Pooey on Bucky.

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Red said...

Dook will do the same thing to me. Not even the common courtesy of a reach-around.

I have BYU winning it, partially because Romney is kicking Santorum's ass and partially because I think getting to play an extra game (the play-in game) is just what they need to get properly warmed up. Is that so wrong?