Friday, May 11, 2012


There are probably only about 6 cyclists in the world besides Mrs that I don't hate.

I've been mowing the lawn with a push mower (reel mower, ok sporty?) that I bought a couple of years ago. Riding my bike through the yard for half an hour would have the same effect. Maybe if there was more grass and less weeds it would work better. Now, you're up to speed.

On my bike ride this morning I got to pet 4 dogs. The Black Assassin wasn't jealous because she's spoiled fucking rotten. He who pets the most dogs wins. Got it, fucky?

Dinner tonight at the new Mexican restaurant that took over Stabby's old place at 42nd and Cedar. They did it right. They washed the windows. Threw their name on a new awning and started cooking.

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andrew rosenberg said...

take that mower down to the hardware store to get it sharpened, you will be surprised how well it works after that, you might have to put it in the car to get it there, i like the settergren's although they may be different now that they have a couple of stores.

are you still doing the bike to work celebrity tour?