Thursday, May 10, 2012

Is this something Rasta welded together? Tell him I don't return text messages when my minute balance is below 10 minutes. Is it just me or does the fucking thing look like its the length of a school bus.

A hearty Fuck You goes out to anyone who stumbled in here by accident. Go back and post some pearls of wisdom on Twitter, bitch. This blog is for bad asses only.

It's not quite warm enough to have the ac on so for the 3rd time in the 20 years since we air conditioned this dump I have the windows open. Right now every swingin' dick is mowing his lawn.

I want to treat this thing like Facebook except with more foul language.

Where the fuck is my picture of Vinny?

Ask Rasta to take a picture of this contraption with less shit in the background.

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