Tuesday, April 23, 2013

That's my neighbor down the blocks truck underneath that tree limb. They hate each other which add to the intrigue. We had another 3 or 4 inches of snow in Minneapolis which is no big deal. What the hell, it's still April.

Mrs was off yesterday and we did the grocery shopping at Target. Saw one of the bosses from the City of Richfield and chatted him up. He could retire but said he wouldn't know what to do with himself. To each his own. You're probably like that, aren't you sporty?

I have a jersey I bought on Ebay that was mailed almost 3 weeks ago and is adrift in the Postal System and nobody at the Post Office gives a rusty fuck, least of which is our mailman. That ok. That prick can see me through the window every day when he trudges through his route. He's got a Groundhog Day of immense proportions going.

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Red said...

Fucking postal workers. Give the man his jersey! It's not like he shipped alcohol illegally or anything.