Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day Morning Edition

Dayle with Annie

Mrs and I are lying around eating snacks and watching movies both good and bad. If you have to get dressed up in those cold-ass school clothes and go somewhere then I feel for you.

That Golden Retriever who was shot and patched up at the U is now lounging at the same foster parents house that once housed the fabulous Kiah before we adopted her. Dayle from RAGOM is a real sweetheart. I hate to think of what goes on the mind of someone who would shoot a dog and leave it to die.

Some guy was murdered on Lake Street this morning at like 2 am. As Florida State head football coach once said - 'not much good goin' on after 1 am'. You got that right, Bobby.

Before I forget, I hear that Governor Pawlenty is going to ask that the National Guard plow the streets in Saint Paul.

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