Monday, May 18, 2009

Happy Birthday Kids!!!!!!!!!!!!

Brian, you were the first baby I had ever held and that's probably why I almost dropped you. Hard to believe that was 32 years ago. I'm proud to be your Godfather and it's meant a lot to me. Love you always and see you soon.
Snowy Bear you old chicken head, I can't believe you're 13 years old. We adopted today as your birthday because it's Rasta's birthday. I saw great promise in the wild ass white dog I saw at the Richfield Petsmart adoption day. We didn't adopt you at first but then after 2 sleepless nights I took off at 1 pm on a Tuesday and accompanied by Big Daddy we drove out to Golden Valley to adopt you. As your momma has said - 'Snowy, you're lucky your daddy wears the pants in the family'.

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