Monday, May 4, 2009

'If you're not from New York City then you're country' - Sebastian Telfair

There's a Speedfix jersey in one of the other bags.

Head cold lingers on because that's what head colds do. It hasn't done much to my appetite. Throw a ham into the coffin with me.

The reason I quote Sebastian Telfair is that we watched a documentary about him on ESPN last night. He reneged on a commitment to play at Louisville to enter the NBA Draft. The show covered his senior year of high school. He isn't a superstar but he is a millionaire. He also got his mom out of the projects.

I'm from Chicago so I'm "country" too.


Super Rookie said...


I can't wait to see that hat on someone that will wear it!

All The Way Ray said...

Stop crying like a bitch.