Wednesday, May 13, 2009

I told Junior about hot rodding his clown bike

We doing great here and baseball starts at 11 am. Bored? Are you silly? Of course I was going downhill when I hit 25 mph. I'd ask you to guess where but I've ripped you so many times about comments that some of you are a little gun shy. Come on, don't be a chickenshit your whole life.

Hey Kruse, I met the new neighbor on the corner in the big house. Nice gal and she has a dog.


SickBoy said...

Nice to see that a house in the 'hood can actually sell. Gives me hope for when I hit it big and move over to the 42nd Street Lofts.

Bloodclot said...

were you fleeing Rosenchef's?

The Donut Guy said...

It ain't hard to hit 25 downhill when you weigh as much as I do...heck, I can hit 25 on my Kona chopper:-)