Thursday, September 3, 2009

Get off the GD phone!

Mrs sent 5 text messages in July and none in August. Oh wait, she talked 11 minutes worth too on her cell phone. God loves me.

Have ridden 4100 miles so far this year which isn't bad but should probably be higher.

Snakecrotch, are you doing this Dakota 5-0 that Hurl is doing? You should while you're still a young pup.

I'm really hoping for a pastry hand-up at the cross races I do this year. Nothing fancy...Twinkie Ding Dong.

Rosenberg needs to make a showing at CRC because he is missed.


Snakebite said...

Negative. This is an f***ed up year for going to rides/races for me. 2010 will be polar opposite.

andrew rosenberg said...

all my best

Jim Thill said...

Rosenberg has been a stranger at HC, too. It's a pity. I've been dusting his wheel weekly, in anticipation of him picking it up. It's on closeout this week.

Bloodclot said...

what a shit-disturber you are!