Thursday, September 17, 2009

Summer's over

I got a last ride out of my cool blue road tires I have on my Salsa. Conti Gran Prix I think. Rode out to Hopkins and back on the Greenway.

31 miles
15 mph average
25 mph burst of speed on the flat
34 mph max going down the big 50th Street hill

Tomorrow we ride to HC so Mark can put the cross tires on. Then I ride through my front lawn and do an alley dismount and it's on to Saint Cloud for Porkchop.


Ben said...


jim w said...

The only way I could get my bike to go 30+ mph would to be throw it in the trunk and drive that fast.

Anonymous said...

40 miles today
19 mph average
1 hot dog after 30 miles

Your nephew from Rogers Park

All The Way Ray said...

We woulda had a smoke break if I had been with.