Friday, April 16, 2010


Hey fuck off, I took a picture of the Boy King when I was at the Twins game on Wednesday. I also ran into Jim Redmond who is a big baseball fan and like many of us came from someplace where we had outdoor baseball. I endured 28 seasons at the Dome and am loving the shit out of Target Field.

The first time you go to a Twins game just buy the cheapest ticket you can and walk around to get the full flavor of the place and check out all the views from the concourses. And ride your bike there until Metro Transit gets their act together.

Like you've got a dog who's growing like a weed that just did loops around the living room/dining room/kitchen at 25 mph.

One spritz of Tommy Bahama cologne does not constitute bathing in the shit for your information, slappy.

Holy crapola, let cut this drivel short right here. Have a good weekend. See you at the Midtown Bike Center Craft Fair Saturday from 10 to 4.