Friday, April 23, 2010

Yesterday's vet visit was about what I expected. I think my pet name for Sassy will now be JYD as in Junk Yard Dog.

The smells of Old Spice, Ben Gay and Viagra were strong in the air as I rolled past the Flanders Gentleman's Ride.

There's a purse at Macy's and the whole weekend revolves around it.

You ever have somebody who's always telling you what's wrong with your life even though their life is a f-ing disaster?

Tell the black guy on Birchwood to go on Ebay and buy a sense of humor. Hollywood may have a spare one at his shop.

I'm really disappointed in the way your lawn has come out of last winter. It would be really nice if you were to spend a minimum of 10 hours this weekend working to get it in shape.