Monday, April 19, 2010

You want a link to your blog or organizational type thing? Just send the url (not H-u-r-l) to and I'll throw that bad boy up in the links section. You don't have to link back to me. I could care less.

Hawks series is tied at a game a piece. Cubs and Sox suck right now and Derrick Rose is learning the hard way from King James. How's that for a Chicago sports wrap?

Our lawn got raked and mowed yesterday by a nice young man who owed me money. I like when my neighbors see that kind of shit.

Here are some resume' no-no's. You also might not want to discuss your porn collection or collection of crack pipes. You betcha, I'm a fucking team player.

Mrs and I were in our jammies all day yesterday. Sure I went outside. My neighbors have seen my entire jammie wardrobe. I even rode Mr Flood's Craig's List treasure around the block when he brought it over to show me.

Enough of this crapola. Time for a snack.