Monday, June 6, 2011

Mrs heard the thunder this morning and assumed it was raining so she elected to stay in bed till 5:03 am. Talk about sleeping in. So, I drove her to work which is just as good because it's f-ing hot out there and will be even worse by 3 pm.

I dumped off the car and took the train to my biweekly breakfast with the Plumber. We've done Keys a couple of times and I even got to take the train with my old buddy Sickboy. In case you're scoring at home I had an omelet and the Plumber had pancakes and sausage with an over easy egg which the cook apparently didn't commit yolk murder.

I'm critiquing Craigs List bikes for one of my friends and one thing is clear. These people think their shitty used bikes are worth real money.

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andrew rosenberg said...

and what would you know about shitty bikes? i know shitty bikes, you know boutique bicycles