Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Stay seated although I deserve a warm round of applause for riding 17 miles this morning. While you have your hands together let's hear it for the Assassin who was left to roam the house to serve and protect while I was gone without chewing the piss out of my new recliner.

I dropped Mrs off with the car because all the weathermen predicted rain and at 5 am (you were still having nightmares about guys from Chicago saying hello) it damn sure looked like rain.

And let's hear it for the Donut guy who always has great computer advice. The Hitman helped a lot. Should I buy it?

So You Think You Can Dance is probably on tonight. Somebody take my shoelaces away.

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The Donut Guy said...

I bought it for my computer.....so yes- I'd say that it would be worth the money.

It takes care of a lot of problems.