Monday, February 20, 2012

My old buddy from the City of Richfield finally got another job after almost 3 years of playing the fucking game. He's proof of how hard it is to get another job when you're over 45. And he's still delivering pizzas part time.

It's easier to ride a bike than walk these days. No big deal. Mrs says that leg is just going to fall off. How fucking cool would that be?

Red, sorry I missed you at Midtown this morning. I made a stop and had coffee with the family attorney and Nice Ride Josh. Yes, Mrs and I have spent 25 to 30 grand at Freewheel. Yes, Kevin should GIVE me an access card even though I won't park any of my shit in there.

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Red said...

Good to see you today and sorry I just missed you yesterday. You should get Tom's security card to get you in in the morning. I'm sure he's still paying for it.