Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The Black Assassin has lived at our home for 2 years today. She's my buddy all day long. What's a chewed up couch count in the grand scheme of things.

We joined the Y on Sunday and Mrs took part in a yoga class yesterday. I shot baskets in the gym with some old timer who's more full of shit than I am. Hard to believe but true. I'd like to do a little weight lifting but that floor with the exercise equipment is hard for me to take. I mean I held my mother's hand when she blew out her last breath in this life and I left the Snow Bear's body at the vet (it was hard to leave her) so she could be cremated but I refuse to take exercise seriously. Now the basketball court is where the fun is. Loads of Somali kids shooting the rock...and a couple of old white guys shooting two hand set shots. Yee ha!


Anonymous said...

I challenge you(Ray) to a game of HORSE @ the Y(yWca)!!!I'm going to use my rattlesnake bitten left hand to beat you!!! No, wait a minute, that's bullshit. I'm going to use my good hand ie my right hand to beat you!!! Sincerely,Old Timer aka DrMellonripe on youtube; That's bullshit; I'm not really a doctor as I told Ray; Wait a minute; Guess I did tell Ray I was a doctor; A Doctor of Bullshit as I recall. See u @ the Y.

Bald-n-Surly said...

the two hand set shot is a lost art.