Monday, February 11, 2013

I'm telling you, look at the GD pipes! And you know what else? I'd take water boarding over eating a fucking radish or a beet or whatever vegetable that is. Did Harry Caray give Ma those glasses?

12 page views on Friday so fuck me, fuck you and the horse you rode in on.

We had snow yesterday. Not snow like Boston but then it's not going to be 45 degrees here two days later. The Einsteins at the City of Minneapolis called a Snow Emergency so that means all of my Somali brothers will be getting their cars towed. Our alley was also given a lick and a promise which is pretty good. I still shoveled a shitload of soupy salt laden shit from the 42nd Street end of the alley because there's no such thing as coordination of alley and street plowing.

That's all for you, bucky. Dig that hole, white boy.

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rlove2bike said...

About 37 years ago while drunk, I once bought a 100 pound bag of beats from a guy at the bar. Good thing I gave up drinking. Just saying...hehe