Friday, February 19, 2010


This is Sassy. We will be meeting her soon. This photo has a certain mug shot quality about it. Sassy just finished doing a nickel at Stillwater for B and E. She's a Homeward Bound dog.

I rode my little bike a whole 18 miles yesterday and if I can pull myself away from the Olympics and 23 hours of continuous curling I'll go out again today.

Mrs says I can sleep with a nightlight on after we see Shutter Island.

The whole Follow Friday thing on Twitter escapes me.

Glad when I moved here I brought an Illinois girl with me.

Hurl, I'm going to bus jack that MF. He's only tough on the internet.

Don't ever send me a text message to call your dumb ass.

Debbie is just so fucking cute with her new hairdo.

See you in church. Love Ray.


Anonymous said...

Sassy looks very calm--too calm for a captured burglar, more like a Renaissance Madonna.

Meow said...

She's beautiful!!

The Donut Guy said...

Sassy is *your* dog...I can just tell by the look on her face:-)

See me in church? Highly unfucking likely...I'll be out riding my moped.