Sunday, February 21, 2010

Yes, it has a side car. No, it's not mine but if it were Snowy Bear would drive and we both would wear leather helmets and cool goggles.

I can't seem to turn the corner with this thing. Not sure if I want to post more pictures or short post of incomplete ideas or other ramblings.

You are so terribly starved for entertainment when you're at work that it's just not funny. Don't lie to me. I've got the most sophisticated tracking system in the world. I know when and from where you come to read this shit.

Mrs and I are now members of the Caniac Club at Raising Cane's.

I like the Olympics. I don't have to like curling. I'm tired of hearing about the 1980 hockey team. We got married in 1980. Staying married for 30 years is a bigger story than any hockey team.

And who the hell wants a 55 calorie bottle of beer anyway? Chill your piss and you'll have the same thing.