Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Nobody in Minnesota gives a fck about Groundhog Day!

All things considered my dream job since I was 18 was to work on a garbage truck for the City Of Chicago Department of Streets and Sanitation. My sister-in-law Carol knows this for sure.

Snowy and I have started the countdown to the Winter Olympics which starts with the 23 hour long opening ceremony.

I have signed Oprah's pledge to not use my cell phone while driving. Do what you want while you can but some day it will be against the law in all 50 states. When Oprah calls President Obama he takes her call even when he's with the Joint Chiefs. That's power baby and if you doubt Oprah's big swingin' d@#& then you are not all that bright my friend.

I'm being debriefed by Agent Snowy after 4 hours with the Rosenberg boys yesterday.

As a Bears fan I love when the Viking's quarterback gets knocked on his ass hard. I don't feel sorry for poor Brett. I feel sorry for a kid in Haiti whose parents are still buried under a building.


TOMMY GUN said...

I'm still cleaning up after those two...

rlove2bike said...

Listening to a radio sation from Duluth, I heard they were letting a Porcupine out instead of a Ground Hog...should be a porkin good day