Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Jersey of the week

First off, I believe the entree' from last night's dinner ran in the 3rd race Sunday at Santa Anita. How's that for fresh? And since Ma raised us to shut up and eat what's given to you, I had more of it this morning. Oh yeah, come over for tea but I don't think we can use the good china.
I acquired this jersey from Big Daddy about 20 years ago. It has a fight strap but I don't think it's authentic. Authentic hockey jerseys are expensive. I think the big man gave me this one. It gets a lot of play during the winter.

Trying to ride my bike outdoors every day but not for loads of miles. It's not illegal to ride my bike on the street. I know this because police officers see me doing it and they don't arrest me. I guess the pinheads that honk at me are just expressing some of that pent up frustration that should be reserved for their boss, kids and spouse. Either that or they're telling me what a smokin' hot ass I've got.


Bald-n-Surly said...

Bastards just want to force you on the ice hoping you'll crash. Bastards.

jim w said...

Ray, it's true, you do have a smokin' ass.