Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Cat 6 State Fair Crit Series starts tonight and you should go race your little bike. I may show up even though I'd have to possibly speak to roadies. I could bring my buddy and lawn agent Scanny as a bodyguard but I really don't feel like bailing Scanny out of jail tonight.

Mrs went out with her old lady coworker/girlfriends on Sunday and all they wanted to do was talk about work which Mrs had no interest in. So, I took her shopping yesterday to make up for it. I never wanted to talk about work when I was at work. Amongst many fine qualities my brother John never talks about work when I see him which is nice. Neither do his sons. Winner winner chicken dinner.

Jeez, these Hawks games are stressing me out. Much more than the day I had to meet with my bosses the day I got laid off at the City. That was the meeting in which I took a call from Rosenberg.