Sunday, June 13, 2010

What the fck is skipe/skype?

Did they ever finish that Big Dig project in Boston?

I tried to send Senator Al Franken a message through his web page about the war in Afghanistan but when I hit the submit button an error message came back. I'll send him a postcard instead. Are we really still fighting Bush's War on Terror? I'd like to support the troops by bringing them all home.

Some of the Flyers fans on Facebook were talking about how much classier they were compared to Blackhawks fans. Are these the same people who booed Santa Claus and cheered a motionless Michael Irvin when he had his career ending injury against the Eagles?

We had our neighborhood garage sales yesterday and I walked around for a couple of hours with the lovely Mrs. Then it started raining. The first drop of rain that hits you is God's fault and every one thereafter is yours.

I've eliminated almost everything which involves a time deadline. I see the stress you're under even on the weekends. Don't you see what they make you give?