Friday, June 4, 2010


Mayor RT Rybak stopped in with his bike at Midtown this morning. He wants a tuneup. A tuneup!?! Just ride the MF. You can tell that Minneapolis is a small town because Mayor Rybak didn't have a bodyguard with him. Now Richie for sure would have had some muscle with him and Da Mayor...well, let's just say he was well protected. On this topic, my mother-in-law once walked straight into Jesse Jackson at Midway airport and one of Reverend Jackson's bodyguards gently steered her into the clear.

As you can well imagine Sassy is on Miss Debbie's shitlist over the couch incident. This was done in an hour while I rode my bike on a short loop.

The pitcher from Detroit who didn't have a meltdown when the umpire missed the call should be the role model for baseball players everywhere. I never understand why parents make complete asses of themselves at little league games. Or beer league softball players with the umps at their games. I would help coach little league baseball but I wouldn't last because I'd go up in the stands and stick my foot up some whiner's ass.