Thursday, November 18, 2010

Hey smart guy, TMZ ain't the only ones with photos.

Knee hurt like a MF and a two hour nap seemed to help quite a bit.

I agree with one of Mrs' coworkers who says she's always ready for a good pat down. Hold me.

Hennepin County wants to raise our property taxes 18%. Then why is little Jimmy such a dumb shit?

The black dog only requires 8 to 9 minutes of sleep a day. I'll lend her to you people with kids for play time but keep the Bactine handy. What's Bactine? It's what mothers in the 60's put on cuts and knife wounds to disinfect. Yeah, it stung like a ...

The nice thing is that I've run off most of my old crowd of readers and am now working on alienating a whole new crowd.