Tuesday, November 30, 2010

I wouldn't walk through Powderhorn Park alone at night. I would with either Scanny or Sassy.

I bought the cutest pair of boots at Kaplan Brothers today. They're fur lined with a side zipper. I have a dog with a 6 hour bladder. You do the math.

Now have a pedometer and trying to do the whole 10,000 steps thing. 6000 short yesterday. Off to a better start today. One in every 50 steps produces a shot of impressive knee pain. Once again, do the math.

Mrs says that prospective home buying couples should look at homes separately and then together. That way the man could check out the mechanical stuff like the plumbing, furnace and roof. Then the woman could check out the logistical stuff like closets and shit. I wouldn't buy a house without having one of those home inspector guys look at it first. That said, I hope to leave this house feet first even if it's this afternoon.