Thursday, December 2, 2010

Think what Tony Montana could've done with a Dremel?

These are Chicago Bears throwback socks and I need a pair. If I can find the shop where they're sold and it's not in Rockford I'll appreciate one of you making a road trip. Not you in Minnesota, jigglestick. You, in Chicago.

I took the elevator up one floor from the Global Market stop and you can walk through skyways all the way to Franklin Avenue. Red, I can see why you have to get going in the morning because your walk is damn near as far as your morning bike commute.

Scored some leftovers from Mrs lunch yesterday. Her coworkers made up for the fact that they forgot her birthday last month by showering her with gifts. They also all wore the letter "L" to signify their status.

Me, I would have stood on my desk at the end of the day spewing obscenities about "how you MFers forgot my birthday".

I love Snowy Bear because I took her outside 5 times yesterday and then she shit in the dining room 15 minutes after the last walk and 10 minutes before dinner.