Monday, December 6, 2010

Been doing ok with my walking. I walk till my knee hurts pretty bad and then I sit down for a while. Walked the mile and a half home from the 46th Street light rail station and the last four blocks would have made Dick Butkus proud.

The Assassin was born in Kentucky. Ran the streets of Owensboro, KY, until she was apprehended and came here last February but she's nuts about the snow. She scoops up mouthfuls of snow when she's thirsty. Yeah, watch out where the huskies go and don't you eat that yellow snow.

Thinking of a number between 7 and 10.

Who's the guy ripping the Gophers a new one about selecting a football coach? The brother's got an axe to grind.

The topic of TSA fondling seems to have quieted down.

This is the week I ride a bike again.