Tuesday, November 9, 2010

I'm high maintenance because I demand hot dog buns with a freshness date before 10/1/10. Riding 20 miles in the morning involves a certain amount of aimless wandering. Some guy in a shitbox Yugo told me there may be a Rollo available in the basement. Can I be more esoteric without you getting your thong in a bunch?

I was told to not go up on the roof when no one is home. Hey, a big bag of shit just fell off that roof! I was turned away at the door at the new Peace Coffee coffee shop. Hey kids, you can ride your little bike with your cool cycling hat and a Chrome bag but only Mommy and Daddy are out at 5:50 am (Are you still in your smoking jacket?) on their way to the big hospital on Riverside Avenue.

Blowing the doors off some shitbird with panniers will lead to stiffness in the knee area. But let's face it, that knee is shot. I want to try acupuncture just so I can take a photo of my knee with 200 needles in it.

Alright spanky, that's enough of this.