Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Aaron took this picture but I can't tell what's broken on my old Crosscheck. Bad eyes.

Mrs is always profound but not usually profane. She's right. It sucks when you get older and all the shit your parents tell you comes out to be true. This doesn't apply to y'all under 40 because you know everything, don't you, sporty?

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The Donut Guy said...

Looks like the seatstay is broken off right above the dropout.

You are an animal :-)

I read in a previous post about your current weight.

I was about the same weight 6 months ago and my knees were freaking killing me.....lost 50 pounds and while my knees still hurt-they don't hurt as bad.

I started at 268 and am down to 215 or so. Still got another 16 pounds to go....I wanna see 199 :-)