Monday, September 26, 2011

Hey, let's hear it for the City Of Richfield who released me without an ankle monitor to live the rest of my life as a free man.

Mrs enjoyed the shit out of her week off. And who wouldn't?

And to everyone who contacted me yesterday to tell me the Packers were beating the Bears: Eat A Bag Of Shit. You Suck.


Vito said...

Ray...are you not training for cyclocross this year? Your knee must really be "f"ed up! Went to watch @ Elm Creek Sunday. Looks like something I may want to try before my knees fail me.
Any words of wisdom you can expound upon me???

All The Way Ray said...

Don't worry about the dismounting because it's pretty easy. Get out there soon before it starts raining and those courses are like riding in mush. Have fun and enjoy yourself.