Wednesday, September 14, 2011

I rode through the U after coffee because the chaos is unbelievable. Walkers, cyclists, skateboarders and others all moving in a helter skelter fashion. The U of M cops were giving out free donuts at the west end of the Washington Ave Bridge but I passed because I'd like to lose a pound and a half by Halloween.

Down to 38 degrees tonight, huh? It could be time to harvest the crops except for the experimental pepper which I'll be moving inside on cold nights.

I wore a hoody and schpants today so I wouldn't be chilly on my bike ride. Mrs had a pot luck so she was humpin' a lot of shit, troop. I drove her.


Snakebite said...

Post picture(s) of the experimental pepper plant.

Where does the work "luck" come into pot luck?

Red said...

Is the experimental pepper anything like the Denbigh Experimental Forest in NoDak?