Friday, September 16, 2011

Fridays - Medical Watch

My sister-in-law Carol hounded me to call the doctor's office to see what my blood work came back with so I did. My cholesterol total is 205 and the bad part is 160 which pisses me off because I was hoping for something over a thousand. My blood sugar is a little high so no more sweets for me. Ha ha, fuck that. I gave up drinking and smoking and if I have to give up sweets completely I'll just have Scanny run me over with his truck.

Miss Debbie is off next week so I'll be in full time entertaining mode. Look for footage of the dog, me and my lesbian neighbors performing Joseph and The Amazing Technicolor Dream Coat which just happens to be one of Debbie's favorites. Remember ladies, if you're going to make the old man go to a musical with you, don't choose Rent or he'll never go with you to another one. I've seen Showboat, Oklahoma (my favorite), Carousel, Fiddler On The Roof and last and definitely, Rent.


andrew rosenberg said...

to be a fiddler on the roof.... we actually called my dad tevye for a period of time.....but of course the best part of the musical is 'if were a rich man, all day long i'd biddy, biddy bum, if i were a wealthy man....' my father still has the original cast recording on vinyl, i'll have to see if i can play that the next time i visit my parents.

Jim Wroblewski said...

Hi Ray: I haven't been to your blog in awhile, so it's nice to see you're still alive. Ma would sure be on your ass if she were still around & got wind of your blood work results. Get it together dude! Red Yeast Rice, cayanne, hawthorn berry & burdock are better for you to take than any of the over prescribed drugs your doc. would recommend. I know a guy who's cholesterol & blood pressure have improved by taking a combination of apple cider vinegar & grape juice. (I had never heard of that one before.) He lies to his doctor, who still thinks he's on Lipitor & the other expensive crap he's recommended. Have you tried a chriopractor to align that knee for some relief? I Love You & All That Goes With It.
Your brother,
PS: my warmest regards & love to the Mrs. as well.