Thursday, October 23, 2008

No good deed goes unpunished

A dog is never more serious than when food is involved...or when there's a rabbit to chase.

City's trying to hang me again. You become a marked man after you basically tell the HR girl to go... Some idjit on one of those bullshit citizen commissions (Commission To Understand Sarah Palin Interviews) told another City employee that he had a bad experience with me. This happened over a year ago and as I remember it the guy was a total prick. Mind you, I only talked to the guy once on the phone and I gave him much more than the allotted time to get his $2100 worth of diseased elm trees removed.

Now I need to send out 50 customer service evaluation cards to show what a wonderful human being I am. Card #1 goes to Beverly on 64th and Logan. We removed a split elm tree in Beverly's yard and she's happy. She's a little spacey which is cool. After we cleaned up the stump grinding yesterday she left a v-mail on my phone thanking me for the gift of black dirt. Like I say...Postcard #1.